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Sports Arcade Machines

We here at ecAmusements have a variety of sports themed arcade machines in stock on a regular basis. Some include NFL Blitz, NBA Jam, Golden Tee Golf, PGA Tour Golf, and many others. We go through each machine one by one and make any repairs needed before they are offered for sale. Prices for our sports arcades in this category normally range from $600-$6,000. The price is dependent on the game title, age, and condition. Most of these games have the ability to change the settings of the difficulty, price per game, free play, high scores, along with other options in the operator adjustment settings. Some of our games have new artwork installed and others are all original. Check out our current inventory below! If you have any other questions feel free to CONTACT US with and questions you may have! Our direct line is: 484-433-5145

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In Stock Inventory

Games We Sometimes Come Across

Boxer punching bag arcade machine

Boxer Punching Bag

     Like other boxer arcade machines on the market, the object of the game is simple; insert coins into the machine, press the start button, punch the bag as hard as you can and the game will measure the strength of each punch you threw at it. The current punch and the high score are shown on the bright LED number displays.

     These boxing arcade machines are designed for heavy use and the cash box shows. Locations that have success with these boxing arcade machines includes: fairs, amusement parks, bars, movie theaters, Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), night clubs, malls, and all types of shopping centers.

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Arcade Machine

ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey

     The name “dome hockey” or “bubble hockey” comes from the unique plastic dome that covers the arcade hockey game playfield. This clear durable Lexan dome helps in keeping the playfield clean from dirt or dust and protects it from any damage. However, if it needs to be cleaned or serviced over time, it is easy to open and access the playfield. The formed hockey players are very durable and hold up very well. They are also customizable from the manufacture (ICE). They offer custom real NFL team players!

     While spinning, pulling, and pushing Foosball type control rods, each play is fast & exhilarating. The object of the game is to try and make the puck in the net before your opponent to score a goal before time runs out. You will have full control of all team players as well as your goalie.

Golden Tee Complete Golf Arcade

Golden Tee Complete Golf
(29 full 18 hold courses)

     The retro video arcade golfing game is now improved and better than ever with the Golden Tee Complete by Incredible Technologies (IT).

     GT Complete offers a total of 29 exhilarating courses with awesome game play that you are sure to love. This game was produced for all skill levels which are easily adjustable in the game settings from easy to expert. Golden Tee Complete also has added game features!

PGA Tour Golf Arcade

PGA Tour Glof

     Arcade golf games just got some real competition! The PGA golf features outstanding 3D graphics unlike its competition. With the PGA Tour Golf series by Global VR and EA Sports, bring very lifelike golf pleasure into your location!

     PGA Tour Golf was first released in 2002 and enjoyed several releases leading up to the PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge Edition that was released in 2006. Each new release adds more game modes, courses fashioned after real golf courses and updated player lists. All PGA Tour Golf arcade games work by using a trackball and button controls.

NFL Blitz NFL Arcade Machine

NFL Blitz Football Arcade

     NFL Blitz 99 Arcade Video Game is a 1 to 4 Player arcade game manufactures by Midway. This is a commercial quality arcade game that can be purchased for use in a business or private home. It can be configured in the settings to accept coins or free play. The game lets 1 to 4 players to control a teammate from a chosen NFL Football team of their choice. This Football arcade is like any other, with very few rules, the players will push, punch, and blitz their way to victory. The objective of the game is to attempt to win the Super Bowl. This NFL Blitz arcade video game uses the awesome 3DFX graphics.

NFL Blitz NBA Showtime Combo Arcade

SportStation: Blitz 2000 Gold / NBA Showtime Combo

     The NFL Blitz 2000 / NBA Showtime arcade game offers two awesome sports games in one arcade cabinet! This cabinet is also known as the Midway SportsStation.

     Players can select between playing NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition or NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC. You will have the ability to create custom players, create plays, save high scores, and compete head-to-head 4 friends at the same time! The Sports Station is the best value in video arcade sports games!


  • -All machines are sold in working condition unless otherwise stated. You are purchasing the machine AS-IS no warranty at the price listed.
  • -ALL machines come with FREE LIFETIME TECH. SUPPORT!
  • -If you have a problem with the machine ever you can contact us over the phone for help. If we can not help you we will provide you with someone that can.
  • -We do offer FULL warranty’s on all machines for $100-$400 per year.
    If a warranty is purchased the machine MUST be returned to our location (at your expense). We will cover all parts and labor.